The personal safety of each employee of MDRM, and those that we work with, is of primary importance.  We believe that our employees are our most important asset and that their safety, and the safety of others that we work with, at the work site is our greatest responsibility.

 All MDRM employees are OSHA certified, CPR certified and drug screened.  MDRM’s foremen are also certified in Basic First Aid and equipment operators are equally certified.

 As safety has become such an important part of our industry, MDRM has instituted a Safety Policy and Procedures to comply with all the safety regulations that pertain to our scope of work. MDRM takes safety very seriously and ensures that we always have the proper equipment, PPE and FR clothing available to perform our task. 

 Because of our impeccable safety history, MDRM enjoys being part of a safety group which sets us apart from other companies of our type, which is beneficial, not only for MDRM, but for the contractors that we work for.