Connecticut Interstate Reliability Project - Connecticut

Northeast Grid Reliability Project – New Jersey

Southern Reinforcement Project – New Jersey

Susquehanna-Roseland Transmission Line – New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Maine Reliability Project - Maine

NSTAR Lower Sema 345kv Transmission Line – Massachusetts

Bison Transmission Lin - North Dakota

Rotterdam to Spier Falls Transmission Line – New York

Lake Champlain Bridge – New York/Vermont

Meadowbrook to Loudon Transmission Line – Virginia

Middletown to Norwalk Transmission Line – Connecticut

Arrowhead to Weston Transmission Line – Wisconsin

Grimes to CBEC Transmission Line – Iowa

Old Mead Substation – Michigan

Hiawatha Substation – Iowa

Chandler Substation – Michigan

Doud Substation – Iowa

Hazelton Substation - Iowa

Triboji Substation – Iowa

Flat Ridge Substation – Kansas

Auburn Substation – Massachusetts

Mackinaw Substation – Michigan

Clay Substation – New York

Bauer Substation – Michigan

Cardinal Substation – Wisconsin

Murphy Substation – Michigan

2.50 MG Water Storage Tank – Johnstown, NY